Business Valuation Calculator

What is my business really worth?

This is a common question amongst business owners. The actual market value of a company is only determined when it is sold to an individual buyer. It is that specific Buyer that sets the market value for that particular business. Having a calculated estimation of value, knowing ahead of time, even if you aren’t looking to sell just yet, will give you insight into how others, especially a Buyer, will see your company. DeedyCo’s Business Valuation Calculator will provide you with a FREE estimate of the current business valuation.


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This interactive calculator is made available to you as a self-help tool for your independent use and is not intended to provide financial advice.

What do I need to get a Free Estimate Valuation?
Here is what you will need, using the company’s last year’s financial data:
From the Company Income Statement
  • Net Revenue (Gross Revenue – Any discounts, etc.)
  • Cost of Goods Sold (All costs related to the production of service or goods sold)
  • Operating Expenses (The General and Administrative costs to run the business)

*Legal Disclaimer : The Estimate is an estimate and is not a guarantee of value. If Financial advice is needed, seek professional counsel.

What if I think my company is worth much more than the estimated valuation!

We completely understand. Selling something that you started from nothing or that has been in the family for generations is very emotional. The FREE estimate valuation is only a starting point to understanding what your company MAY be worth to an individual Buyer. There are many internal company specifics, industrty, sector, geographical, and economic factors that affect an in-depth valuation. DeedyCo has a team of business valuation professionals that can provide a more in-depth valuation if so desired.