Cost of Goods Sold
Balance Sheet

What was your company's revenue last year ? (Gross revenue minus any discount)

Company revenue includes all of the sales your company made for the year.*

What was your Cost of Goods Sold last year?

Cost of Goods Sold is anything directly tied to the production and sale of company's goods and services for example, Production Labor, Production materials, and anything else directly related to a job. This wouldn't include office salaries, utilities, rent or any General and Administrative (G&A) expenses.*

What were the company expenses last year?

Operating Expenses

Example operating expenses include : Rent, Utilities, Office supplies, Legal costs, Sales and marketing, Payroll and Insurance, etc.*

Note : Addbacks are asked for in Step 6, additional.

What are the Total Current Assets?

( Only Accounts Receivable, Deposits, Inventory, Other current Assets)*

How many employees, excluding owners, in the business?*

Any Addbacks you wish to include in the valuation:

Primary Owner Compensation + taxes*

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