What we are about?

We began as two-person in a local small town. Our real estate investment agreement has flourished and grown into:
DeedyCo LLC and its sister-entities, are a private family owned diversified business development corporation based in the United States. The company invests in nonpublic established companies with a market value of less than $100M in the United States and abroad.
The majority of the investments are leveraged debt, with variable income investments backing up the debt loan. The investment objective of DeedyCo and its parent entities' operational professional employer organization (PEO), is to generate current income and capital appreciation by investing primarily in established operating lower to middle-market companies, defined as those with annual earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation, and amortization, or EBITDA, ranging between $500 thousand and $100 million.
The goal is to provide our investors and financial partners with above-average risk-adjusted returns by constructing a diverse portfolio of investments while limiting the negative potential of our acquisitions through:

Operational Excellence.

  • Generally limiting investments to less than $20.5 Million per transaction;
  • Selecting acquisitions that our investment team of advisors believes has a low probability of loss;
  • Maintaining an emphasis on capital preservation;
  • Making investments which afford us a significant capital cushion;
  • Targeting acquisitions that either have currently or can quickly remedy an effective net yields rate greater than 15% consistently

All the while, we are staying involved with the local economic development for each community where we operate. The ultimate goal is to acquire long-established companies and to grow them for the unforeseeable future.

Our portfolio, which provides the investment professionals resources and expertise, has developed related proprietary sourcing and managing operation channels.

Industry diverse

Being in diverse industries worldwide, we work diligently to improve and exploring new methods to make life even better.

Agriculture, Forestry, & Fishing

Mining, Oil, and Gas







Real Estate

Information Technology


Professional, Scientific, and Technical