Code of Conduct

Our success as a company depends on many factors, and nothing is more important than our core commitment to core values as represented in the MBM® Guiding Principles.  It is our responsibility to know and live by these Principles.

We expect all of our employees to always act with absolute integrity and proper regard for others’ rights.  Put safety first and drive environmental excellence while complying with all laws and regulations.  Stop, think and ask when you feel like something might not align with our Principles or any law or regulation.

It all starts with living by our Integrity and Stewardship & Compliance Principles, in harmony with the other Guiding Principles.  This is essential to creating a virtuous cycle of mutual benefits that enable us to succeed by creating value for others.

Our Code of Conduct helps us make compliant and ethical decisions.  It answers many commonly asked questions, emphasizing avoiding risks that could cause the most severe harm to people, the environment, or the business. 

Every Deedyco employee, regardless of role or experience, should strive to live by these Guiding Principles and apply MBM® to get results.  Maintaining and improving our MBM® culture is a responsibility and is what we expect of all our employees.

Doing so requires a commitment to a two-way challenge.  Every employee must ask questions and/or raise concerns about any behavior that might violate our Principles, whether it involves a peer or a supervisor.  This requires courage.  Without it, we cannot act with integrity.  We go beyond being open to challenges; we solicit them.

This Company-wide Code of Conduct clarifies that living by the Guiding Principles is critical to the success of the company and the success of our employees, suppliers, contractors, customers, and consumers.  We owe it to our families, coworkers, businesses, customers, communities, and ourselves because all our futures depend on it. MBM® Guiding Principles
  1. Integrity: Have the courage to always act with integrity and in harmony with our vision.
  2. Stewardship and Compliance: Act with proper regard for the rights of others. Honor donor intent in a manner that advances our vision. Comply with all laws and regulations. Stop, think, and ask.
  3. Principled Entrepreneurship™: Practice a philosophy of mutual benefit. Demonstrate to people of all backgrounds and perspectives that this philosophy will improve people’s lives. Attract, motivate, and empower as many people as possible to become social-change entrepreneurs dedicated to advancing a mutual benefit society.
  4. Transformation: Transform yourself, your organization, and your efforts. Seek, develop, and utilize the vision, strategies, and methods that will enable us to demonstrate a better way to help people improve their lives and encourage rapid adoption across society.
  5. Knowledge: Acquire the best knowledge from all sources that will enable you to improve your performance. Share your knowledge proactively. Provide and solicit challenges consistently and respectfully.
  6. Humility: Be humble, intellectually honest, and deal with reality constructively. Develop an accurate sense of self-worth based on your strengths, limitations, and contributions. Hold yourself and others accountable to these standards.
  7. Respect: Treat everyone with honesty, dignity, respect, and sensitivity. Embrace different perspectives, experiences, aptitudes, knowledge, and skills to leverage the power of diversity.
  8. Self-Actualization: Be a lifelong learner, develop your aptitudes into skills that create value, and realize your potential, essential for fulfillment. As you become increasingly self-actualized, you will better deal with reality, face the unknown, creatively solve problems, and help others succeed.
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