UK Tax Strategy

We consider that the publication of this UK tax strategy complies with the DeedyCo UK’s obligations under Part 2 of Schedule 19, Finance Act 2016.

Commitment to Compliance

For DeedyCo, compliance means paying the right amount of tax in the right place at the right time, and filing tax returns on a complete and timely basis, and ensuring that relevant facts and circumstances are appropriately disclosed.

Level of risk with UK taxation that we are prepared to accept

Due to our business’s size and complexity, risks may sometimes arise with tax law interpretation or the nature of our compliance obligations. DeedyCo has internal processes to identify, evaluate, manage and resolve such risks. In situations of significant uncertainty or complexity with specific risk, advice would be sought from external advisers.

The attitude towards tax planning

DeedyCo’s Code of Conduct places each employee’s responsibility to conduct commercial activity lawfully and with integrity. In making commercial decisions, DeedyCo takes tax into account in the same way as any other legitimate cost. There is more than one way of structuring a commercial business arrangement; all factors are considered, including tax. We ensure all business arrangements are compliant with the laws and relevant regulations in the jurisdictions concerned. We do not use marketed tax avoidance schemes, nor do we use any tax planning that is contrived or artificial.

The approach toward dealings with HMRC

DeedyCo believes in co-operative engagement with tax authorities, intending to build a relationship based on mutual respect and compliance. We work with HMRC to resolve any issues affecting the DeedyCo UK positively and professionally through pro-active discussion.

The approach of the DeedyCo UK to risk management and governance arrangements concerning UK taxation

The senior leadership team of DeedyCo takes the lead in establishing a robust risk management culture. It is responsible for the DeedyCo UK’s tax affairs and oversight of tax risk. The governance of tax risk follows formal procedures that are fully aligned with other governance procedures in place across DeedyCo regarding a range of different threats to which DeedyCo is exposed. The UK tax affairs of the DeedyCo UK are managed by a team of suitably-qualified tax professionals, supported where appropriate by external advisors. These arrangements ensure that all significant UK tax-related decisions are subject to review and approval and that all UK tax obligations are met.

  1. The “DeedyCo UK” refers to all the UK subsidiaries and affiliates of DeedyCo, Inc
  2. “DeedyCo” refers to the worldwide group of entities whose ultimate parent company is DeedyCo , Inc